Here at Hyve, we’re building a culture of success. Every Hyve colleague is professional, motivated and talented. They care deeply about our events, work hard for our customers and go all out to be their best.
Together, we are setting the benchmark of our industry, forming a culture centred around best practice, and creating market-leading, content-driven shows.
Being a Hyve colleague offers opportunities to learn from some of the best and most experienced people in the industry, to participate in world-class, market-leading events, work alongside leading companies and forge a career in an exciting and dynamic industry.


Hyve is a great company to be a part of. The work offers variety and there are always new things to get involved in. Hyve is a fast-growing company which means there are loads of exciting opportunities on the horizon for potential applicants. We are also lucky enough to have really passionate leaders at the top who clearly love what they do and give the office a positive energy, that reflects our culture of success and the way we approach business. Most importantly, our main asset is our people. The staff at Hyve are what makes our business. They really are a great team and the reason Hyve is as successful as it is.  

James Warsop, Financial Controller, London

Work in Hyve - it is not only opening new horizons of business, but also implementing own potential. For over a decade in Hyve I have been able to achive impressive results with my projects, as well as complete my personal career goals by becoming the director of the TOP-10 Hyve Group event, major food exhibition. For that, of course, I can be grateful to my co-workers, too. Many of these professionals have become my good friends over the years.  

Alexander Ezhov, Director of WorldFood Moscow

I’m proud to work for a company that is the Apple of its industry, delivering some of the best exhibitions in the world. In my job, I love that I can influence so many aspects of a customer’s digital journey, working behind the scenes to give them a better experience. Hyve is a great employer – we have support from leaders, a great culture, lots of diversity and everybody is passionate about what they do.   

Ernesto Perdomo, Senior Digital Experience Manager, London

Hyve is nothing more but it's people, our events are made by people and for people. Working with people is the most interesting, exciting and challenging job! I’m very proud to be part of our team, because it allows me not only to implement and develop knowledges and skills, but also permanently to learn diverse things from my talented colleagues. Whatever issues there might be on our way nowadays, I strongly believe that with help of our great team and values all major challenges will be finally transformed into great power.

Maria Falina, Head of HR operations, Russia